PLNZ has always had a culture of quality and has been ISO 9001 Certified since 1996. Assumed by some to be unnecessary, registration has enabled us to implement a process that ensures growth in a consistent documented manner which maintains our efficiency while still being able to operate leanly.


PLC Programming Standards

As part of Production Logistics’ quality system, “design control”, we have adopted standards of programming that we believe are essential on every job where a PLC is used.

These standards can be used on most PLC brands and are easily understood by those instructed on the standard.

Originating from the Software industry these methods are based on Object design where objects with their properties become standard devices. These objects enable the PLC programming to become modular, repeatable, reliable and more easily interfaced to SCADA applications or third party products with the similar attributes.

While on projects these methods can reduce costs in implementation and greatly reduce commissioning, the real value comes in the total cost of ownership of an installation.

PLNZ is fully committed to the health and safety of its personnel, customers and suppliers.

This is achieved by operating an effective Health and Safety System that:

  • Identifies and controls all work place hazards
  • Ensures all personnel are properly trained and equipped with PPE
  • Records incidents and accidents with subsequent preventable results established
  • Includes all personnel in the processing and improvement of PLNZ’s Health
    & Safety procedures and practices.

PLNZ has achieved a high score for Prequalification with CPNZ Ltd.